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Food Service Trends

November 14 2016 - Vancouver restaurants are proving ground for new pay-by-phone tech
A new mobile phone app lets diners settle their bill by simply taking a picture of it with their smartphone

September 27 2016 - Starbucks adds calorie information to menus
Starbucks is taking a lead on encouraging healthy diets by adding calorie information to its menus.

September 12 2016 - New mobile payment app for restaurants developed by Vancouver firm
A new mobile payment app has been developed by a Canadian company that could make the paying and processing of restaurant bills simpler and more effective.

September 09 2016 - Canadian restaurants 'may be falling foul of labelling laws with their menus'
A new report has shed light on the importance of Canadian restaurants avoiding any potentially misleading claims when putting together their menus.

July 29 2014 - How can restaurants cater well for large groups?
Tips for operators to ensure they provide large dining groups with the best possible customer service experience.

July 25 2014 - Restaurants catering for the single diner
A growing trend for eating alone is seeing restaurant in Canada examine how they are catering for single diners as a customer group.

July 22 2014 - Embracing technology to enhance consumer appeal
How can operators boost consumer satisfaction by using technology?

July 21 2014 - The state of fast-casual restaurants
Starters, sides and non-alcoholic drinks are particularly popular at the moment in the fast-casual segment, while appealing to the baby boomer generation is also crucial.

July 14 2014 - Food truck permits failing to attract in Moncton
Despite encouraging interest originally, only one food truck permit has been snapped up for a location in downtown Moncton.

July 03 2014 - The rise of the lone diner
In light of the fact that many people are choosing to dine by themselves, how can operators ensure they sufficiently cater for this trend?

June 26 2014 - How can operators tempt millennials with breakfast?
As breakfast is commonly made and eaten at home, how can operators ensure consumers choose their establishments instead?

June 05 2014 - Could meat soon be too pricey in Canada?
Shoppers in Canada may have noticed their meat purchases are becoming more expensive.

May 27 2014 - Edmonton food truck permits being snapped up
As many as 22 food truck permits have been applied for by Edmonton's food truck vendors.

May 22 2014 - Calgary restaurant gives well-behaved kids discount
In a bid to encourage children to conduct themselves well, a restaurant in Calgary is offering a well-behaved kids discount.

May 19 2014 - Technology's role in the restaurant industry
Operators need to embrace the way rapid advancements in technology are changing the way consumers approach everyday life and situations.

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