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Food and Flavour Trends

January 16 2017 - How to attract more customers to your restaurant in winter time
Everyone is watching their waistline and nursing their bank balance, but these tips will get you through the winter lull...

January 09 2017 - Which flavours will be big in Canadian restaurants in 2017?
What will the next 12 months bring in terms of new flavour and restaurant trends?

October 12 2016 - Ontario grower ‘discovers’ low calorie, low carb potato
A new potato with fewer calories and carbohydrates but all the benefits of a regular potato is being offered by an Ontario-based grower

September 29 2016 - How to offer guilt-free desserts
Whether or not to order a dessert is a common quandary for diners, as many will be worried about the extra calories.

September 29 2016 - Cash in on the Pokemon Go craze
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you will be familiar with the Pokemon Go craze that's sweeping every corner of the world.

October 03 2016 - Best 100 restaurants in Canada named
The first ever list of the best 100 restaurants in Canada has been unveiled by online restaurant reservation service OpenTable.

September 27 2016 - Should you go organic?
Should you go organic?

September 27 2016 - Exotic meats becoming more popular with Canadian diners
Diners in Canada are increasingly seeking alternatives to traditional meats such as chicken, pork and lamb.

September 28 2016 - Carr's Oyster Bar bags award
Carr's Oyster Bar was the big winner at the recent P.E.I. International Shellfish Festival.

August 31 2016 - OpenTable lists top restaurants to enjoy during major events
A select group of restaurants have been named by OpenTable as places to visit throughout upcoming major events.

September 02 2016 - New app designed to help ulcerative colitis sufferers eat out
Ulcerative colitis can be a nightmare for foodies who enjoy broadening their palate and eating out at different restaurants.

September 02 2016 - McDonald's aims to offer modern restaurant experience
McDonald's customers in Manitoba are being invited to experience the dining experience of the future.

September 02 2016 - Shortlist of best new Canadian restaurants unveiled
A shortlist of the very best new restaurants to open in Canada over the last year has been published.

September 02 2016 - Burgers 'somewhat exempt from food trends'
Restaurants that serve burgers have been advised they might not need to chase every single culinary craze.

September 02 2016 - Full service restaurants 'embracing gourmet burgers'
A growing number of full service restaurants (FSRs) in Canada are adding increasingly varied types of burgers to their menus.

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