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January 12 2017 - Canadian restaurants will benefit from scrapping foreign worker program changes
Repealing the four year cap on foreign workers is good news for the restaurant industry, according to Restaurants Canada.

November 30 2016 - Montreal limits new restaurants with one-in-six bylaw
A new bylaw means that a new restaurant cannot open with 25 metres of another eaterie, and it's causing tension...

October 24 2016 - Unhealthy food and outdated guide targeted in Canada’s healthy eating review
Certain foods aimed at children will soon be imposed with new limits on marketing and forced to carry warning labels if they are high or low in certain nutrients as part of a review of Canada’s healthy eating guidelines

October 19 2016 - All Canada restaurants should go BYOB, says CAQ
Canada’s restaurants would be given new life if they all let customers bring their own alcohol, according to CAQ

July 28 2014 - Saskatoon enjoying arrival of food trucks
The street food culture sweeping large parts of Canada is taking hold in Saskatoon as well.

July 18 2014 - Rothesay mayor rejects food truck
A food truck's presence in Rothesay has been opposed by the mayor, on account of the fact it is not the type of business that is welcomed in this area.

July 17 2014 - Health Canada outlines new nutritional labels
The way sugar content is detailed on nutritional labels has been targeted by Health Canada.

May 12 2014 - Food trucks outlawed in London
In a blow to food trucks, councillors in London gave the red light to the idea that the vendors could operate in more locations this summer.

May 07 2014 - Kitchener slackens food truck regulations
To the delight of Kitchener food truck owners, the annual licensing fee has been slashed to just $350.

April 30 2014 - Waterloo food truck fees drop
Food truck licensing fees have plummeted in Waterloo, after city councillors met to discuss the issue.

April 04 2014 - Food truck laws loosened in Toronto
New changes will come into effect in May to allow food trucks to have greater freedom in Toronto.

March 19 2014 - Ontario's food trucks to have more freedom
Both Toronto and Hamilton are set to afford food trucks greater freedom in where they operate.

March 12 2014 - Toronto food truck laws set to be slackened
Food truck owners in Toronto could be allowed to operate with fewer restrictions, although the news hasn't been well-received by all parties.

March 06 2014 - Call for daily sugar intake to be reduced
The World Health Organization has called for sugar limits to constitute as little as five per cent of a person's daily energy intake.

March 03 2014 - Canada could benefit from California's drought
Canada could capitalise on the drought that is currently affecting California, by stepping up its exporting rates.

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