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March 21 2017 - Tech could help boost start-up restaurants
New tech solution may help new restaurants in Canada.

March 16 2017 - Science centre partners with top Canadian chef
Science centre has worked with Canadian chef to develop new eatery.

March 03 2017 - Restaurant staff urged to share special moments for Canada 150
Owners, employees and customers of Canadian restaurants have all been invited to recount their favourite restaurant moment online as part of a new campaign.

February 13 2017 - New service approach key to Nando’s expansion
The fast-casual chicken chain could open its 50th Canadian location in 2017.

January 26 2017 - 1,000-foot dining table coming to Ottawa to mark 150 years of Canada
Ottawa will celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with what is believed to be the longest dining table in the country.

November 03 2016 - Canada’s best new restaurants named by Air Canada

August 31 2016 - How music can be vital for a restaurant's success
Do you play music in your restaurant? And if so, how much thought do you put into what tunes you play?

September 01 2015 - Pumpkin spice treats starting to appear on menus
As the summer begins to fade, consumers begin to look for this favourite fall flavour.

August 17 2015 - Innovation is key in the burger industry
As the cost of beef continues to rise, many burger outlets are looking for new ways to create value for customers.

August 11 2015 - Is milk as wholesome as we think?
Author sets out to debunk the perceived necessity of milk in our diets.

July 24 2015 - What's stopping people from eating their vegetables?
US finds there is "nothing" stopping people from getting in enough greenery every day.

July 20 2015 - What's the most popular type of appetizer?
Soups and salads remain top starter choices on Canadian menus.

July 14 2015 - What are you doing for National Ice Cream Month?
July is the perfect time to celebrate a favourite chilly sweet treat.

May 30 2015 - Fast-casual pizza 'taking off'
While fast-casual pizza chains are seeing growth, traditional fast-food businesses are also growing sales.

May 18 2015 - Adding more vegetables to entrees
Project launched earlier this year aims to get Canadians to fill half their plates with vegetables at every meal or snack.

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