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Menu Trends

December 15 2016 - The most common mistakes with restaurant menus
It's vital that your menu makes the right impression with customers, here's how to avoid many of the common pitfalls...

August 11 2015 - BBQ tips from a Canadian pitmaster
BBQ expert gives tips for the perfect results.

July 15 2015 - Top tips for grilling vegetables
Popping veggies on the grill is the perfect way to prepare them this summer.

June 25 2015 - Go Nutty on National Pralines Day
This French-derived delicacy is a tasty treat every day of the year.

June 23 2015 - 7 ways to make your chicken dishes more exciting
Make your menu stand out from the crowd with some new recipes.

June 09 2015 - Pizza offers a flexible format for restaurants
Pizza is a popular choice with customers, and also offers the chef plenty of scope for experimentation.

June 05 2015 - Catering for diabetics
Offering a diabetic-friendly menu is something restaurateurs should have at the forefront of their minds.

June 02 2015 - Add ethnic flavours to your menu with condiments
Condiments are a great way to enhance your dishes.

May 27 2015 - An introduction to Meatless Mondays
What is the Meatless Mondays movement and why is it gaining popularity?

May 20 2015 - A healthy lunch in a bowl
Bowl dishes are increasing in popularity.

May 12 2015 - What are the more unusual flavours of Canada?
Canadian cuisine goes beyond maple syrup, poutine and Nanaimo bars.

May 11 2015 - Discovering African flavours
Following the success of Nando's, other restaurants are looking to Africa for flavour inspiration.

April 30 2015 - Have you planned a special Mother's Day menu?
A meal out with Mom is the perfect way to celebrate the special day.

April 28 2015 - The diversity of Canadian food
Canadian Flavours Gala celebrates local food and wine.

April 28 2015 - Ice cream: beyond chocolate and vanilla
As Baskin Robbins turns 70, we take a look at some of the more unusual ice cream flavours that can be found in Canada.

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