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Menu Trends

May 10 2017 - Taco Bell targets millennials with cerveza and new-look restaurants
The Mexican-inspired fast food chain wants to open more than 600 new locations in Canada.

March 14 2017 - Canadian restaurants need to combat appeal of home dining in 2017
Restaurant prices rose 2.3 per cent in December while grocery prices dropped 2.8 per cent.

March 10 2017 - Canadian chefs rate 2017’s hottest food trends

March 06 2017 - Why chefs need to think nose-to-tail to minimize food waste
In Canada, more than 40 per cent of food losses occur at retail and consumer levels, and in Toronto, single-family households discard about 275 kilos of food waste each year.

February 22 2017 - Drinking straws dumped in Tofino after community drive
Do we really need drinking straws? That’s the question being asked by Tofino-based restaurants and their answer is an emphatic ‘no’.

February 22 2017 - Air Canada refreshes in-flight menu and wine list for 80th birthday
From April, Air Canada will offer a new menu from David Hawksworth, complimented by a wine list devised by Véronique Rivest.

January 16 2017 - How to attract more customers to your restaurant in winter time
Everyone is watching their waistline and nursing their bank balance, but these tips will get you through the winter lull...

January 09 2017 - Which flavours will be big in Canadian restaurants in 2017?
What will the next 12 months bring in terms of new flavour and restaurant trends?

December 15 2016 - The most common mistakes with restaurant menus
It's vital that your menu makes the right impression with customers, here's how to avoid many of the common pitfalls...

November 14 2016 - Vancouver restaurants are proving ground for new pay-by-phone tech
A new mobile phone app lets diners settle their bill by simply taking a picture of it with their smartphone

October 12 2016 - Ontario grower ‘discovers’ low calorie, low carb potato
A new potato with fewer calories and carbohydrates but all the benefits of a regular potato is being offered by an Ontario-based grower

September 29 2016 - How to offer guilt-free desserts
Whether or not to order a dessert is a common quandary for diners, as many will be worried about the extra calories.

September 29 2016 - Cash in on the Pokemon Go craze
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you will be familiar with the Pokemon Go craze that's sweeping every corner of the world.

October 03 2016 - Best 100 restaurants in Canada named
The first ever list of the best 100 restaurants in Canada has been unveiled by online restaurant reservation service OpenTable.

September 27 2016 - Starbucks adds calorie information to menus
Starbucks is taking a lead on encouraging healthy diets by adding calorie information to its menus.

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