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January 27 2017 - Full-service restaurants for 4% sales growth in 2017
Commercial food service sales are expected to increase by 5.3 per cent this year, according to new research.

December 12 2016 - Could the Tinder of hospitality solve restaurants’ staffing struggles?
Recruiting and retaining staff is set to become the biggest challenge facing restaurant and bar owners, but could a new app be the solution?

November 22 2016 - Alberta restaurants suffer 2016 sales slump after 2015’s record high
Full services restaurants in Alberta have suffered a hefty knock to sales due to the economic downturn, while sales at fast food eateries and coffee shops have increased, new figures have revealed.

November 08 2016 - Tipping will become extinct over next 10 to 20 years, research suggests
Tipping in a restaurant is difficult to manage and has the potential to create tension and inconsistent service experiences, says a professor from the University of Guelph

October 27 2016 - How can Canadian restaurants help solve the country’s food waste problem?
Almost a tenth of all food lost or wasted in Canada comes from the kitchens of restaurants and hotels

June 25 2014 - Fast-casual: Doing well, but room for improvement
Those in the fast-casual sector in Canada need to be looking to enhance consumer appeal further.

March 24 2014 - Fewer drinks being sold in restaurants and bars
New research from Technomic has revealed how alcohol beverage sales are falling in restaurants and bars.

March 17 2014 - Survey reveals the demands of older eaters
New research has revealed what senior citizens want to see in their eateries.

March 05 2014 - Health and cravings behind soup and salad choices
Many different reasons inspire diners to opt for soup or salad when they eat out, including the fact they're seen as healthy.

February 28 2014 - Canadians encouraged to plan meals in big batches
A Canadian dietitian has recommended cooking a big batch of food to last consumers for a whole week.

January 24 2014 - Nearly 10% of Canadian's spending goes on food
New figures reveal how much the average Canadian spends on food each year.

January 13 2014 - Further evidence of the health benefits of nuts
Operators looking to make their menus healthier should consider using more nuts.

January 10 2014 - Global food prices fall in 2013
Food prices fell last year but remain high, according to UN figures.

January 09 2014 - FSR meals 'high in sodium and fat'
A new study has revealed full-service restaurants often serve dishes high in sodium and fat.

December 13 2013 - Beef 'set to be popular on Christmas menus'
Technomic says beef will have a big presence on Christmas menus in a variety of forms.

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