Canada aims to become top destination for foodies

June 06 2017

The Canadian government has revealed its plans to boost tourism by making the nation appeal to international visitors on the lookout for great food.

Minister of small business and tourism Bardish Chagger made the announcement while visiting with students at Algonquin College's School of Hospitality and Tourism and said it will partner with restaurants and retailers to show off the many excellent venues and experiences the country has to offer.

In order to do this, he invited proposals and suggestions that would help to elevate Canada's profile on the international stage when it comes to world-class culinary experiences. Anyone interested in sending something has until July 5th to get their recommendations in via the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada website.

"Whether they involve visiting a restaurant or food festival, culinary experiences are as essential today to a tourist's experience as climate, geography and accommodations. With our wide range of food specialties and a great diversity of international cuisine, Canada has so much to offer," Mr Chagger commented.

"I look forward to working with tourism operators, agricultural producers and culinary industries to spread the word about Canada's great reputation for being a must-visit for foodies around the world."

According to Statistics Canada, approximately a fifth of spending ($3.56 billion) by international travelers in Canada is on food and beverages.

Meanwhile, Canada's restaurants provide more first jobs than any other industry, with 22 percent of Canadians taking their first step on the career ladder in a restaurant or food service business.

Earlier this year, a new campaign was launched by Restaurants Canada to acknowledge the role restaurants play in people's everyday lives. 'Making Moments' invited restaurant owners, employees and customers to share their special memories that occurred over a meal out, whether they were marriage proposals, business deals or just funny times spent with good friends.

Entry is still open through the Restaurants Canada website until June 30th, with the best anecdotes winning a free holiday to Yukon.